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What is included in Granite Air Center's annual inspection price?

At Granite Air Center, we flat rate price our Annual inspections, and include many things that other shops charge you extra for. Not only will we open up all of the inspection panels and inspect the entire aircraft
using the latest factory service information, our flat rate includes the labor to perform many other items, such as: full logbook and AD research, routine lubrication, servicing of the battery, cleaning of fuel and oil screens, changing the oil and filter, servicing fuel injectors and spark plugs, servicing wheel bearings, etc. To put it simply, assuming no squawks were found during the inspection, our flat rate includes the labor to do everything your aircraft needs annually to keep it operating smoothly! Plus, upon completion of your  inspection, you will receive computer generated logbook entries, a fully AD report, and a maintenance tracking sheet showing you exactly where your aircraft stands with all of the factory recommendations!

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