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How do I find information about new service bulletins and whether or not they apply to my aircraft?

Anytime Cessna issues a new service bulletin they send an owner advisory letter to the address that Cessna has on file for aircraft owners. Over time this database becomes corrupt as people change addresses, sell airplanes or what have you. This means that not everyone will get the advisory and owners will not always know about the latest service bulletins. And even if you do receive an owner advisory, it may not be clear if the service bulletin applies to you or not. Just because the service bulletin is for a 172S does not mean it is necessarily for your serial number.

This is an easy problem to overcome. Cessna service centers receive not only owner advisories, but also full copies of each and every service bulletin published. By having your work done at a Cessna service facility you can assure that the technicians handling your aircraft are fully aware of the latest and greatest service bulletins.

At Granite Air Center we take that one step further. We have developed our own searchable database containing all of the Cessna service bulletins for restart Cessna aircraft. Using this database we generate for each of our customers a complete and detailed list of every single service bulletin that applies to the airplane. This listing also details exactly what has and has not been accomplished, and when it was accomplished. With a service bulletin status report our customers always know exactly what service bulletins they need done.

If you are interested in receiving an updated listing or even a first time listing just to check it out, don't hesitate to call. All we need is your model and serial number. Then we can fax, mail or email you a listing.

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